About Me

I first stumbled into this industry by helping a family friend with their wedding flowers and from there it lit a fire in me I could not ignore. I hit the ground running getting my hands on as much learning material as I could. Over the course of the last year I have worked tirelessly to gain more knowledge about flowers as well as the business. Here are the courses I have taken in 2018.

-Introductory floral design through the AIFD.

-Business behind the Blooms by Jessica Zimmerman

-Bloomer Intensive by Jessica Zimmerman

-Bouquet Design and Installation design by Jessica Zimmerman

-Sinclair and Moore Model-Design and Business Course

-Team Flower Introductory Design and Business Course

In 2019 I plan to continue my education by attending Potted Pansy’s Ignite the Fire Workshop 2019, Studying Ponderosa and Thyme’s online courses and continuing to study the Business Behind the Blooms. I love what I do because there is no end to the learning process.