One Year Down... a Lifetime to Go

Wow! We made it! We made it through not only our first wedding season but our first year in business! Through this year there have been a lot of successes and a lot of learnings and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our family and beautiful couples that trusted us with their special day.

Often times when people get into business they have a plan and strategy. NOT ME. I hit the ground running by educating myself, booking clients and learning as I went. Yes having a plan would have been helpful in hindsight, however I would not have learned all I have if it weren’t for diving in. I learned the importance of quick communication, learning to say no, valuing my time and work, and setting a vision for where I see this business going. Were there failures?? ABSOLUTELY! Did I grow and learn from them? 100%.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy but man is it so worth it. I have never felt a fire like I do when I am running my business, creating beautiful arrangements and getting amazing testimonials. Yes there were lots of tears and stress but seeing the final vision come to life is priceless.

In my next year of business, I have a great plan and areas to focus on and I cannot wait to see where this takes me. 2018, was so good but 2019 is going to SOOOOO great!